Your eyes, your smile, your family - all uniquely yours. There is something beautiful about having these special gifts and it boosts the spirit to know that they are there for only you. Joye Designs jewellery is as individual as you are, especially when you yourself are involved in the designing process.

Finding ideas.

Inspiration for your custom piece can come from anywhere! A piece of beach glass or a bit of shell, a favorite stone or even a broken teacup can all be incorporated into a pendant design that will delight! Joye has set many an interesting bit or bobble into a piece and even an eagle talon has made it's way into a Joye Design.


Reclaim and recycle old stones. Breathe new life into a vintage piece of jewellery. We all have little momentos that we treasure and there is no better way than to wear them close to our sentimental little hearts!


Some ideas:

  • Birthstone baby bracelets
  • His and her matching bracelets
  • Custom bridal jewellery and accessories
  • Grad designs
  • Metaphysical jewellery for mind and body health

Getting started.

Once you have decided on that brilliant something to set, Joye will work with you using her vast knowledge of assembly, balance and colour. She has books and albums of work to inspire and to start the flow of creativity (in case you're stuck.) Your item(s) can be combined with Cubic Zirconias for sparkle or gemstones for earthy elegance and you can choose either Sterling Silver or 14k gold fill to wrap it all up. Joye keeps an astounding collection of gemstones on hand to compliment your precious bit.

The finish.

Pendants are the most popular commissions and they are no doubt some of the most beautiful. Once your custom pendant has been created, you will have the option to choose the style of necklace on which to wear it.


Chains can be anything from thin and dainty to a more sturdy rope style. Go long or make a choker. A fashionable option is a structured collar that makes a stunning statement. With her beading talent, Joye can create a chain featuring beads, stones, crystals, pearls or any combination of them to match your custom design. The sky is the limit!

The investment.

Once the creative process has begun, a sketch of the design made, and the materials chosen, Joye will give you a quote for the work and an approximate delivery date. Each piece is individual so prices will vary.


Commissions require a deposit to hold the materials and secure design time. The balance is paid upon completion and of course, your satisfaction. Depending upon the difficulty of the piece and Joye's work load, commissions can be made within 2 weeks. You will work closely with each other to ensure you receive what you envisioned.


Because of the personal nature of custom jewellery, the investment is not only cost but also time. You will be presented with many design choices, colours, stones, layouts, sizes, style - be sure to invest time into the process. Together you and Joye Designs will work patiently to bring your brilliant creation to life and the result will be nothing short of spectacular.