The Spice Goddess & Joye Designs.

Bal Arneson is a wonderful chef and the best selling author of Everyday Indian:100 Fast, Fresh and Healthy Recipes and Bal's Quick & Healthy Indian. She has become an international success, and her books are the companions of many a home chef looking for a dish a little spicy with a pinch of different. Bal discovered Joye's jewelry well before her "Spice Goddess" status and when it came time to shine on screen and in print, Bal knew Joye Designs would be just what was needed.

Check this segment out, from the Marilyn Denis show! Bal is wearing a really showy pair of Joye Designs earrings.


Bal loves bright colour and jewelry with size. Her warm skin tone is perfect for rich jewel tones and the vibrant shades match her personality exactly. It was Joye's pleasure to design a "Spice Goddess" jewelry line, which takes inspiration from Bal and her unique personal style. Several exclusive pieces can be seen in many of Bal's tv appearances, her book, in print and on the web. In the latest photo shoot for a major magazine (scheduled release is November), Bal chose a pair of stunning coral chandeliers which were custom made by Joye Designs.

You can find Bal wearing Joye Designs on the Food Network Canada in her show, Spice Goddess with Bal Arneson. Read more about her broadcast and cooking philosophies on the Cooking Channel site. There are some beautiful photos of Bal wearing a pair of spectacular earrings created just for the featured shoot!


Next year, watch for Bal wearing amazing new Goddess center-piece necklaces on the hit show, Iron Chef America! Joye Designs will be seen world-wide and is sure to cause a big stir!


Be sure to check out Bal's World, her website devoted to all things Indian, spice and everything nice.