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Almost all of the designs you'll find will be a one of a kind - this is just the nature of the stones and Joye Designs signature mark. Each pendant, pair of earrings, bracelet and bangle is hand made by Joye herself, so you will be sure to possess a true original work of art.


The materials she uses is always top quality. Each piece of Joye Designs jewellery is an investment in both craftmanship and your personal style.


Because of varying tastes, the pendants are not sold with a chain or collar. This is to allow you to choose how you would like to wear your piece. You may have an ideal chain at home, but if not, visit the Pendant Accessories page for options that will compliment your distinct design.


All earring posts and hooks are Sterling Silver or 14k gold fill. Contact Joye if you have questions about hypoallergenic options. Note: not all items can be converted to hypoallergenic posts or hooks due to the assembly of the design.


Additional Options

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Choose you favorite jewellery designs and make your list. Contact Joye Designs with your questions about each design, payment processing, custom requests and shipping. 


If you are a local shopper, a local pick up option is available. Phone 604.931.2662  l Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm pst.

Wire Craft jewellery is the only known technique which does not rely on glue, solder or casting to create the jewellery design. This is a tough skill to learn, literally molding the wire to the shape of the stone without using heat or adhesive to hold the metal and gem together.


It takes only the most basic of jeweller's tools to accomplish: pliers, wire cutters, a ruler and of course, deft hands. This technique takes immense patience as one slip, one wrong bend means starting again.


Wire wrapped jewellery is an ancient craft dating back as far as 1446 BC. Pieces of this jewellery craft have been found in the Pyramids and Pharaoh's tombs! Of course, solder did not exist during those times, so creating jewellery out of wire was the method for centuries. Examples can be found in the British Museum and museums throughout the Mediterranean.


But once solder techniques were perfected and machines rolled in, Wire Craft jewellery declined as the popular design method. After mass production became a reality, creating jewellery with wire was set aside as a hobby since this kind of jewellery simply could not be made economically.


Today, this jewellery is a marvel and precious to wear. The fact that it is entirely hand fabricated makes it as individual as the wearer. The price reflects the material cost and the time it takes to produce these gorgeous, artistic feats of genius.