Custom bridal jewelry worthy of your beautiful day.

Contact Joye Designs to set up an appointment to view available bridal designs. Phone consults are also available for those unable to visit the Stone Art Gallery in person. Start the creative process and phone today to book your very own Bridal Bling One on One. 604-931-2662 or message Joye.

From Cubic Zirconias, Swarovski crystal and precious gemstones - your every wish is Joye's command. Customized service is sure to produce exactly what you were wishing your bridal jewelery to be. Long and lean, demure and pretty or full of edge - it's all possible.

Every aspect of your Big Event has your stamp of style on it. Your jewelry should be no exception. Bring your imagination, fabric swatches and budget to Joye for a tailored bridal jewelry tete-a-tete. With your vision and Joye's exceptional design skill, you'll create heirlooms treasured for years to come.

Bling, bling, bling! Get ready for Cubic Zirconia fire.

Totally colourless, flawless and with brilliant fire, the synthetic Cubic Zirconia has remained the most important competitor to the diamond since 1976. It's almost as hard - 8 on the Mohs scale to the diamond's 10 - and 1.6 times as heavy because it is a very dense substance. Cubic Zirconia has an exaggerated refractive index which accounts for it's very showy sparkle we all know and love.


In the 1980s, a crystal giant by the name of Swarovski mass produced Cubic Zirconia, and coined the abbreviated term "CZ" for the created gemstone. The quality increased and soon came the introduction of colours to imitate not only diamonds, but gems such as Topaz, Sapphire, and Peridot.


Bring a little bling to your bodacious style and increase your refractive index with this collection of Cubic Zirconia featured designs. 

Stunning colours are available in true shades that will fool the most discerning eye. Birthday in February? Try a pendant and earring set in Amethyst. Amazing for gifts and little girls, too!


Want the real thing? Swap Cubic Zirconia for available precious gemstones: Garnet, Peridot, Citrine, Pink or Blue Topaz, Quartz, or Amethyst. Prices upon request and in both Sterling and 14k gold fill.

Mix a little edge with romance for a bridal fantasy.

One of this season's biggest bridal trends is soft, flowy looks, girlie ruffles and very feminine details. Accent these features with ethereal feathers and Swarovski crystal. Or, add an oversized pair of light and airy earrings to off-set the lean silhouette of an ultra modern dress style.

Dreamy whites and milky delights.

The creamy richness of titanium coated druse agates are the perfect colour for ivory and damask gowns. Platinum coated druse agates will lend an edge to the classic white frock. Both have a glam factor that everyone will notice. Pair Moonstone with bridesmaids dresses, especially those in cool shades like blue, purple, and navy. Lighten the look of black with any of these magnificent stones. 

Gold's gleam for a golden day.

Gold looks amazing with ivory and damask, two rich dress shades that have popped up every where in this season's bridal looks. Bridal jewelry doesn't always have to be about sterling silver and clear crystal. Shake things up a bit and choose sunny gold with luxurious gemstones.

Try these pearls instead of Grandma's.

Pearls are a bridal classic but Joye likes to add her twist and make the standards her very own. Stick, bubble, freshwater, cultured, potato, nugget, glass, coin, rice - all pearls but with very different personalities. Pearls also don't have to be the classic cream we all know; with a white dress try soft rose, peach or grey shades; with an ivory gown pair soft copper, rich chocolate or peacock blues for a strikingly different take.

Sparkle like a crystal ball with shapely chandeliers.

Whether a wedding gown or a bridesmaid's frock, swinging chandeliers will feel right at home. Available in a myriad of styles and colour, from conservative to wild, gold or silver, these styles are simple to match with any look. 

Here's to soul mates, perfect fits, dynamic duos, partners.

Work with Joye to put together your own custom bridal set, match the jewelry to your bridesmaid's dresses or give a grad gift that will be worn time and time again. Gemstones, Swarovski crystal, cut glass, cubic zirconias - there's no end to what can be created for a stunning jewelry combo. Don't forget the inlaws, Mother, and special guests from far away; one of a kind gifts are available and will sure to be treasured.

Wishing you all of the best for years to come.